Important Piece of Angling History MR.F.M.H HALFORDS Very own Fish weighing Balance 1890

A very interesting and important piece of Angling History F.M.H HALFORD one of the Masters who paved the way for the purist modern day Dry fly fishing techniques which  are still used and very successful in catching trout etc today. This was Mr. Halfords very own fish weighing balance, very unique item from around the 1890s and no doubt would have weighed many a fish! Complete in the original silk and velvet lined leather case. It measures up-to 5lbs, a fine weight for a beautiful chalk stream Brownie! F.M Halford did more than any other fisherman in studying and practicing the fine Art of Dry Fly Fishing, a true Angling Master, and it’s a privilege to own and preserve the all important fisherman’s accessory..